The Man in the High Castle Season 3 will be Premiere on October 5 2018.

Amazon Prime on Saturday announced that the long-awaited third season of The Man in the High Castle will be Released on Friday, Oct 5.

Amazon’s Dystopian alternative history drama, imagining  a world which the Nazis sucessfully invaded America and based on the novel by Philip K Dick, shared the first dramatic trailer for the show’s return at Comicon this weekend. Check it out Below

The Trailer can be available to watch in Youtube:



Season 3 follows Juliana Crain ( Alexa Davalos) and Trade Minister Tagomichi (Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa) as they work together interpret the last of remaining films. Returning from Berlin, Joe Blake (Luke Kleitank) is sent on diplomatic mission to San Francisco and Helen (Chelah Horsdal) works to protect her family following the aftermath of previous season.


Rufus Sewell attends a screening of ‘The Man In the High Castle’ Season 2 at Odeon, Panton Street on November 30,2016 in London,England. Credit: Dave J Hogan/Getty.

Shortly after the teaser was dropped, Amazon dropped the trailer for season 3 on July 21, 2018. We learned that The Man in the High Castle Streaming records for Season 1, and the second season was a bigger hit compared to Season 1, with the highest numbers of viewers till date.

The Man in the High Castle Season 3 is set to continued the previous Episode 10 Fallout while the previous seasons focused on political gambits, it shows non-linear timeline of Juliana’s Sister ( Dead in the first episode of season 1) who interacts with various cast members.


Additionally the trailer of the third season shows Rufus Sewell’s confused Obergruppenfuhrer Smith discovering “different versions of us exist in another timeline which vice versa of Nazi occupied in Europe and North America were actually the Allies won the World War II“, giving a strong hint to its diversion towards a sci-fi genre.

Also the teaser shows Nazi scientists building a “Gateway to the Multiverse” which Juliana plots to destroy. Dan percival, the executive producer on the shows also commented,”We dig much deeper into the alt-realities (in season three). In this Season it all starts to come together there are infinite realities of numbers that we may see.”


Rupert’s Evan will be also part of this series, albeit of the flashbacks like what we see in Juliana’s Sister in the first episode of the first season and the half episodes of the second season. Frank’s character was left unclear at the end of Season 2. Wether he survived his attack on the US-Japanese Headquarter, remains to be seen.


We cannot wait to see the new world of The Man in the High Castle Featuring the Resistances uprising in Nazi and Pacific States Regime , Will the truth reveal to them? Let’s find it out!”